Recent Grants & Funding

Recent Grants and Funding (excluding funding for the clinical trials):

  1. 5P30CA042014-30 (NIH/NCI) Cancer Center Support Grant (PI: Cornelia Ulrich). Period: 5/09/1997-4/30/2020. Role: Program Co-Leader, Experimental Therapeutics; Member, Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee.
  2. IIS Study: “Correlation of germ line mutations in DNA repair genes and treatment related outcomes in men with advanced prostate cancer”. PI: Neeraj Agarwal. Total funding (Astra Zeneca): $60,000. 03/2017-03-2018.
  3. IIS Study: “Validation of genomic biomarkers or response to VEGFR-TKI in metastatic renal cell carcinoma and the development of a cell-free DNA assay to assess genomic biomarkers of treatment reponse”. PI: Neeraj Agarwal. Total funding (Pfizer): $291,103. 08/2016-07/2018.
  4. 2014 National Cancer Institute (NCI): 2014 Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award (3P30CA042014-25S2). Total award funding: $100,000
  5. R01CA172436 (NIH-NCI) Biomarkers of hormone therapy response in a multicenter prostate cancer trial. (PI: Amir Goldkorn). Role: Co-investigator (effort~4%)
  6. PC101993 [Department of Defense (DOD) Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP)] – “Identification of Genes and Genetic Variants Associated With Poor Treatment Response in Patients with Prostate Cancer. (PI: Lisa Cannon-Albright). DOD; W81XWH-11-1-0342. Total funding:$894,706. Period: 09/30/2011-09/29/2013. Role: co-investigator (effort 8%).
  7. U01AG034661-01 (NIH-NIA) Partnership for Anemia: Clinical and Translational Trials in the Elderly (PACTTE) Consortium (PI Harvey Cohen). Total funding: $1,021,960.60 Period: 09/30/2009- 06/30/2015. Role: Co-Investigator (effort: 09/30/2009-06/30/2010: 7% per year; 07/01/2010-03/30/2011: 21% per year; 04/01/2011-09/30/2012: 5% per year).
  8. Director’s Translational Research Initiative 2008, Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Total funding: $40, 000. Period: 07/01/08-07/01/13. Role: Principle Investigator.
  9. R21 (1R21CA135250-01) Biobehavioral Effects of Tai Chi Chih Among Elderly Cancer Survivors (PI: Anita Kinney). Total funding: $529,631. Period: 09/30/2009- 06/30/2011. Role: co-investigator (effort: 4%)
  10. Cancer Control and Population Sciences (CCPS) FY11 Pilot Grant Program, Huntsman Cancer Foundation-“Evaluation of Patient and Provider Attitudes towards Genetic Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment and Corresponding Educational Needs”. PI: Neeraj Agarwal and Anita Kinney. Total funding: $39,952. Period: 12/01/10 to 11/30/11. Role: Principle Investigator.
  11. Cancer Control and Population Sciences (CCPS) FY11 Pilot Grant Program, Huntsman Cancer Foundation-“Androgen Deprivation, Adrenergic Receptor Expression and Fatigue in Prostate Cancer “. (PI: Kathleen Light and Anita Kinney). Total funding: $39,999. Period: 12/01/10 to 11/30/11. Role- Co-Investigator.
  12. Program in Personalized Health Care’s Human DNA Sequencing Grant Program, University of Utah-“”Sequencing to Identify Predisposition Genes for Recurrent/Lethal Prostate Cancer”. (PI: Lisa Cannon-Albright). Total funding: $40,000. Period: 11/01/2011 to 11/01/2012. Role- Co- Investigator.
  13. W81XWH-14-2-0189 [US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity] – “The TRANSFORMER Trial (Testosterone Revival Abolishes Negative Symptoms, Fosters Objective Response and Modulates Enzalutamide Resistance)”. 11/01/2014-9/29/2017, John Hopkins University, Total Direct Cost Budget: $192,220.07, Total Cost Budget: $268,979.70.
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